The Refugee Coalition of East Africa

 RefCEA is an umbrella organization uniting LGBTQI refugees across East Africa charged with a mission of advocacy, strategy, fundraising, and research.

Member Organizations

About Our Members


Nature Network is a group of Ugandan LGBTQI asylum seekers who combined their talents to exploit them to the public, providing updated information to members through a platform that is easily accessible.

Location : Nairobi, Matasia

Initiatives : Safe Housing, Psychosocial Support, Advocacy, Media, Livelihoods, HIV Health Support

COSIR - Community Support Initiative for Refugees

Community Support Initiative for Refugees is a not-for-profit group based and operating in Nairobi, Kenya. An educational and advocacy group for refugees committed to providing sustainable economic empowerment activities. COSIR focuses mostly on the refugees who fled their home countries due to fear of persecution and fleeing for their lives due to their sexual orientation and have failed to sustain themselves economically due to their status in the host communities.

Location : Nairobi, Kasarani

Initiatives: Livelihoods, Emergency Shelter, Advocacy


LGBTQI organisation based in Uganda aiming at solidarity and Human Rights. We are the anchor of hope to our fellow LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.

Location : Kakuma Refugee Camp

Initiatives : Economic Empowerment, Nutritional Support, HIV Health Support


Urban legacy Africa is non governmental organization aim at empowering LGBTQI communities in Kenya and Africa at large.

Location : Nairobi, Nalepo

Initiatives : Safe Housing, Advocacy, MDD


Love makes Family

Arise Network Africa is a non governmental organization that ensures empowerment of LGBTQI communities through Advocacy, Safe Housing, Livelihood Etc

Location : Nairobi

Initiatives : Advocacy, Safe Housing


Jacob Ssekitto - COSIR

Executive Diretor

Nyanzi Emmanuel - Arise Network Africa

Deputy Director

Naluzze Shadia - Refugee Flag Kakuma

Programs Manager

Bashir Yusuf - Urban Legacy Africa

Communications Manager

Fredrick Ssabakaki - The Nature Network


Shamran Kaddu - COSIR