CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - SPARK : Sustainable Programs for Autonomous Refugees in Kenya 

A project of THE REFUGEE COALITION OF EAST AFRICA and funded through a partnership with ALL OUT

Interested LGBTQI refugee entrepreneurs in Kenya may submit a proposal (application below) for funding 

and mentorship to launch or expand a small business idea.

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What is the Coalition?

The Refugee Coalition of East Africa (RefCEA) is a community-based organization for and by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers. RefCEA was established to unite the various independent LGBTQI refugee organizations in East Africa under an umbrella organization in order to facilitate long-term planning, advocacy, and representation, and to provide fiscal management and fundraising support for its members. Additionally, RefCEA oversees research initiatives representing the LGBTQI refugee community and works toward improving conditions for refugees during the resettlement waiting period. Current membership consists of: Community Support Initiative for Refugees, Natures Network, Refugee Flag Kakuma, Urban Legacy Africa, and Arise Network Africa.

Why does the Coalition exist?


The Refugee Coalition of East Africa’s mission is to unite the various independent grassroots LGBTQI refugee organizations in Kenya and East Africa under one umbrella organization, to facilitate long-term planning, advocacy and representation, to provide fiscal management and fundraising support, and to oversee research initiatives representing the LGBTQI refugee community.


We envisage a unified, empowered, and self-reliant LGBTQI refugee community in Kenya which is protected and supported in all pertinent matters.


  • Ensure unity among LGBTQI refugee Community Based Organizations  in Kenya
  • Advocate for the human rights and the wellbeing of the LGBTQI refugee communities in Kenya
  • Fundraise for the programs that will benefit for the community
  • Achieve visibility of the LGBTQI refugee community


  • Act as a strategic planner for all the Member Organizations for a unified voice to represent all issues of concern for Member Organizations over the long term
  • Advocate for refugee representation in human rights organizations
  • Facilitate local community integration through social activities, mentorship, and job training
  • Document abuses of human rights; and push for durable vulnerable refugee solutions
  • Facilitate LGBTQI refugee representation in evidence-based initiatives including research and policy-making in vulnerable populations, including refugees, in Kenya

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