With Ball Gowns and Dance, LGBT+ Refugees Celebrate



LGBT+ refugees in Kenya - some dressed in sequined ball gowns and slinky black evening dresses - cast aside their troubles on Thursday to eat lunch, dance to Congolese rumba and celebrate their second International LGBTQI Refugee Day. "There is no official day for LGBT refugees like us. We have World Refugee Day. We have Pride month. But in Kenya, we can't be free to celebrate that we are both," said Doreen.

"So today is that day. It is for all LGBT refugees across the world who cannot celebrate."

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Mr Leather Europe Raising Funds for Lesbian Refugee


GAY STAR NEWS by Joe Morgan

He first heard about Shadia from a friend who works at the Refugee Coalition of East Africa, which helps to support LGBTI people fleeing persecution.‘My heart went out for her. The poor girl has been through hell,’ King told Gay Star News.‘She’s such an inspirational person and so thoughtful and so stoic. Through this adversity, I wanted to do what I could to make the beginnings of her new life as positive as possible.’

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Kenya High Court delays ruling on anti-gay sodomy law



by Michael K. Lavers

The Refugee Coalition of East Africa in a statement said, “We applaud the work of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya and so many others who are fighting to change the law and to change all of our lives. We continue to ask the international community to put pressure on Kenya and to take advantage of this unfortunate postponement to make your voices heard in support of our right to exist, to live, and to be free in Kenya.”

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Hopes High Before Kenya Ruling on Decriminalizing Gay Sex



by Rael Ombuor 

{Lubega Musa}, together with other LGBT refugees, started an economic empowerment program called Lunko Haute Couture, whose activities focus on fashion, design and music. "There are things we would love to do as Lunko Haute Couture for the gay community openly, but we cannot do them because of the law,'" Musa said. 

[Lubega Adrac Musa is the Director of Lunko Haute Couture  

and a member of Refugee Flag Kenya.]

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Ugandan Trans Refugees Seek Farming Opportunity in Kenya



by Matt Tracy

The women’s immediate focus is on the imminent funding boost from the SPARK Fund, which is being provided by a partnership between an East African LGBTQ organization known as the Refugee Coalition of East Africa and All Out, a group that describes itself as a global movement for love and equality. The farmers were one of four groups to earn the funding they needed to get off the ground from the SPARK Fund.

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The Refugee Coalition of East Africa is raising funds to empower LGBT+ refugees



The Refugee Coalition of East Africa is an umbrella organization uniting LGBTQI refugees across East Africa charged with a mission of advocacy, strategy, fundraising, and research. Through the SPARK Fund, The Refugee Coalition is providing funding and mentorship to LGBTQI refugee entrepreneurs in East Africa to either launch or expand their small business idea(s).

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United Nations moves LGBT+ refugees to safe houses after Kenya camp attacks



LGBT+ refugees in Kenya's remote Kakuma camp are being moved to safe houses in Nairobi after they were attacked when protesting for greater protection, the UN said on Thursday. The refugees said they were assaulted by locals and fellow refugees outside the U.N. refugee agency.

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Attacks Prompt Push to Relocate LGBTQ Refugees in Kenya - Massive Camp now Unsafe


GAY CITY NEWS by Matt Tracy

RefCEA is among several organizations assisting in the effort to find housing for the refugees, but they are still in dire need of further help. “We are still waiting to hear if a more detailed plan is to be put into place.”

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LGBT+ activists attacked on peaceful march in Kenya refugee camp


PINK NEWS by Ella Braidwood

A spokesperson from The Refugee Coalition of East Africa, said that violent acts against LGBT+ people are commonplace in Kenya.

“We strongly condemn these acts of violence against our fellow LGBTQI refugees and urge the UNHCR to take immediate action,” 

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'Report them to me': Tanzanian official asks residents to help hunt gays


NBC NEWS Report by Tim Fitzsimons  

"The Refugee Coalition of East Africa, a registered LGBTQ community organization in neighboring Kenya, called the committee "an anti-LGBTQI surveillance squad" and sent a message to sexual and gender minorities in Tanzania..."


'Tears and agony' after LGBTI refugees violently assaulted at Kenyan camp


GAY STAR NEWS by Shannon Power

About 30 LGBTI refugees received injuries in a violent attack after trying to rally for improved conditions at one of the world’s biggest refugee camps in Kenya. The LGBTI refugees were trying to protest ongoing homophobic and transphobic attacks...

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Advocacy groups mark International Human Rights Day December 10, 2018



by Michael K. Lavers

The Refugee Coalition of East Africa  “encourages all those observing the (Universal) Declaration (of Human Rights) to further consider LGBTQI refugees around the world, and particularly those of us in regions where our existence, let alone our rights, are threatened.”

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A precarious haven: Africa’s LGBT refugees teeter on the brink in Kenya


Reporting by Nita Bhalla @nitabhalla and Sally Hayden @sallyhayd. Writing by Nita Bhalla. Editing by Katy Migiro for Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters -humanitarian news, women's rights, trafficking, property rights, climate change and resilience. Visit

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OP-ED-LGBT+ Ugandan refugees in Kenya face assault and harassment


LGBT+ Ugandans fleeing to Kenya face xenophobia and are seen as low- or zero-income foreigners. 

RefCEA's LGBTQI SPARK fund launched in response.

By Shadia Naluzze, Secretary on The Refugee Coalition of East Africa's board.

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The First LGBTQI Refugee Pride

The first LGBTI Pride event ever held in a refugee camp, organized by RefCEA Member Refugee Flag Kenya

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